High-Hygienic AHU

BENDIG™ provide water based antimicrobial surface to our AHU. It contains both a bactericide to protect the coating against over 650 strains of bacteria and a fungicide to protect against mold, mildew and algae. Bioshield technology inhibits reproduction, interrupts metabolism and disrupts cell wall functions of many molds, yeasts and bacteria. This hygienic technic be applied to plant in our equipment surface for instance , walls, frame-works and other appropriate surfaces to reduce microbiological contamination and propagation.

For the physical configuration BENDIGTM also studies the detail of Hygienic requirement regarding to standards and/or design consideration follow as below.

Standard Descriptions
prEN 13053 section 7 Extended Hygienic requirement for Air Handling Units
HTM 2025 Ventilation in Health-care premise
VDI 6022 Hygienic in air conditioning system


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