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Clients name
Main Contractor
1 Thailand Phayathai Hospital 1 LR Best Direction System Hospital 2012
2 Thailand Phayathai Hospital 1 ICT Best Direction System Hospital  
3 Thailand Phayathai Hospital 1 ISR Best Direction System Hospital  
4 Thailand Phayathai Hospital 2 ICU Renovation Best Direction System Hospital  
5 Thailand Phayathai Hospital 2 Warehouse/Tiscope Best Direction System Hospital 2013
6 Thailand Phayathai Hospital 2 OR Best Direction System Hospital 2013
7 Thailand Phayathai Hospital 3 CDU Best Direction System Hospital 2012
8 Thailand Phayathai Hospital 3 IVF Best Direction System Hospital 2014
9 Thailand Pichit Hospital ICU Renovation   Hospital  
10 Thailand Police general hospital -   Laboratory  
11 Thailand Pronova Laboratories   Refrig Machinic Co., Ltd. Laboratory 2014
12 USA OASYS 5000   Practical Renewable Energy   2013
13 Thailand PTT Phrakanong Chemical Lab.   Laboratory  
14 Thailand PTT Rayong Control Room Access Industrial Petrochemical  
15 Thailand Ramaland Club Lounge Renovation Ramaland Development Co., Ltd.   2013
16 Thailand Ramathibodee Hospital (Kumaravej) SUS Casing AHU Best Direction System Hospital  
17 Thailand Ramathibodee Hospital (Princess Sirindhorn Bldg.) Operating Theatre Best Direction System Hospital  
18 Thailand Ratchathani Hospital, Ayuthaya   Airborn Engineering Hospital 2013
19 Thailand Rhodia Thai Laboratory EEC Industrial Engineering Chemical 2012
20 Thailand Rodenstock(Thailand) Co Ltd. Production area Telstar Solutions (Thailand) Ophthalmic lenses & spectacles frames 2012
21 Thailand Rodenstock(Thailand) Co Ltd. Ladkrabang Production area SPB Engineering Ophthalmic lenses & spectacles frames 2012
22 Thailand Royal Thai Air Force   Only M Engineering (Thailand) Military 2012
23 Thailand Rx Manufacturing 2011 Extension   Pharmaceutical  
24 Thailand Rx Manufacturing Warehouse Fifteen Engineering Pharmaceutical 2012
25 Thailand Sapphasitthiprasong Hospital (Ubonrajjathani) ICU Renovation   Hospital  
26 Thailand Seagate Technology Slider-CFF Korat   Electronic  
27 Thailand Seagate Technology Teparuk Only M Engineering (Thailand) Electronic  
28 Thailand Seagate Technology Teparuk 1 Thai Takasago Electronic  
29 Thailand Seagate Technology Teparuk Taikisha Electronic 2013
30 Thailand Seagate Technology Teparuk Thai Takasago Electronic 2013
31 Thailand Sikarin Hospital AHU Replacement   Hospital  
32 Thailand Sima Technology (Korat) 43.000 CMH AHU SSK   Electronic  
33 Thailand Sima Technology (Korat) Double skin AHU 37.700 CMH; OAC 1700 CMH SPB Engineering Electronic  
34 Thailand Sima Technology (Korat) 43.000 CMH AHU SSK SPB Engineering Electronic  
35 Thailand Seiko Hitech 12500 CMH. Double skin AHU.   Electronic  
36 Thailand Shibakawa   Powerlink & Turnkey Co., Ltd.   2013
37 Thailand Siam Pharmaceutical AHU-Cleanroom   Pharmaceutical  
38 Thailand Siriraj Hospital เวชภัณฑ์ปลอดเชื้อ   Hospital  
39 Thailand Solar Lens Production Area Extension (Bldg A&B)   Electronic  
40 Thailand Srinakarin Wiroj hospital (Nakornnayok) ICU Renovation   Hospital  
41 Thailand Sriwichai Hospital ICU Renovation   Hospital  
42 Thailand Thai Stanley Electric Public Co., Ltd.   Powerlink & Turnkey Co., Ltd. Auto bulbs and lighting equipments 2013
43 Thailand Sumitomo Electric (Thailand) LTD. AHU-Filtration 12500 CMH. 8 Units   Amata / Cholburi  
44 Thailand Cholburi Sumitomo Electric (Thailand) LTD. AHU-Filtration 12500 CMH. 5 Units   Amata / Cholburi  
45 Thailand Surapol Food Kabinburi AHU for food production plant   Food Industrial  
46 Thailand Synergy   Telstar Solutions (Thailand) Pharmaceutical 2013
47 Thailand Synergy   Telstar Solutions (Thailand) Pharmaceutical 2012
48 Thailand Taikisha-TRT   Airplus Apply   2012
49 Thailand Test Bed eng. Air Drier Supply Unit   Automotive Industrial 2013
50 Thailand Thai Garment Export Co., Ltd. (Changwattana)   Thai Takasago Garment Manufacturing 2013
51 Thailand Thai laminate AHU Replacement      
52 Thailand Thai Nakarin Hospital Operating Theatre   Hospital  
53 Thailand Thai Redcross. Loboratory renovation   Hospital  
54 Thailand Thai TV Channel 5 AHU Replacement      
55 Thailand Thaicom- สถานีกระจายสัญญาณดาวเทียมไทยคม Remote Satellite Dish Station AHU   Electronic  
56 Thailand Thaicom, India   Thaicom Plc. Electronic 2013
57 Thailand Thailand institute of nuclear technology Loboratory renovation   Laboratory  
58 Thailand Thammasart university hospital OPD   Hospital  
59 Thailand Thonburee Hospital 1 Cath Lab   Hospital  
60 Thailand Thonburee Hospital 2 Air Borne Infection control ward   Hospital  
61 Thailand T.O. Chemicals   T.O. Chemicals (1979)   2013
62 Thailand Toyo Electronics   Hitachi Plant Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Electronic 2013
63 Thailand TTC Painted-Booth      
64 Thailand TRT AHU      
65 Thailand Tuta Health Care: Rayong (Medical Product Manufacturer) New Facility   Healthcare  
66 Thailand Ubonrajjathani Hospital ICU Renovation   Hospital  
67 Thailand Unisia Ject: Chacheang sao (UJT) AHU Replacement      
68 Thailand The United Drug (1996) Co., Ltd.(Sahakarn Osod) Production Area Extension 1   Pharmaceutical  
69 Thailand The United Drug (1996) Co., Ltd.(Sahakarn Osod) Production Area Extension 2   Pharmaceutical  
70 Thailand The United Drug (1996) Co., Ltd.(Sahakarn Osod) - Airborn Engineering Pharmaceutical 2012
71 Thailand Unity we well: Prathumthani AHU Replacement - -  
72 Thailand Utac - Bangpakong AHU Replacement - Electronic  
73 Thailand Utac - Lassalle AHU Replacement - Electronic  
74 Thailand   Venz Industrial - - 2013
75 Thailand Vibhavadi Hospital - HWD Inter Hospital  
76 Thailand Vision-Ease Lens (Thailand) Co., Ltd   V.T.S Contractor Premium Lenses 2014
77 Thailand VS Pharma Production Area Extension 1 & 2   Pharmaceutical  
78 Thailand Western Digital (Bangpa-In) OAC-3 Bldg.2 Thai Takasago Electronic  
79 Thailand Western Digital (Bangpa-In) Bldg. 5 Thai Takasago Electronic  
80 Thailand Western Digital (Bangpa-In) Bldg 4 : Training rm OAC Thai Takasago Electronic  
81 Thailand Western Digital (Bangpa-In) Test Shoes Thai Takasago Electronic  
82 Thailand Western Digital (Bangpa-In) Cleanroom CDEF Thai Takasago Electronic  
83 Thailand Western Digital (Bangpa-In) Admin Bldg. Thai Takasago Electronic  
84 Thailand Yamanashi Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (Lamphun) Production area Thai Takasago Electronic 2012
85 Thailand Western Digital (Bangpa-In) Bldg 2: New Cleanroom Class100 Taikisha Electronic 2012
86 Thailand Western Digital (Bangpa-In) Semi conductor (ind.) Thai Takasago Electronic 2012
87 Thailand Western Digital (Bangpa-In) Bldg.6 AHU w/ Humidifier Thai Takasago Electronic 2012
88 Thailand Yakult (Vibhavadee Rangsit) ICU Renovation   Hospital  
89 Thailand YMP Thailand Co.,Ltd. - Perfect Performance Engineering Co. Ltd. Industrial  
86 Thailand YPC AHU Replacement Powerlink & Turnkey Co., Ltd. - 2012
87 Thailand Y-TEC Modify AHU Hitachi Plant Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. - 2012
88 Thailand Z.Kuroda (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Production area Taikisha Electronic 2012
89 Thailand Zeon Chemicals   Goldmark Technical Supply Electronic 2013